The suitcase for the NYFW, full of outfits and rich in emotions

New York Fashion Week
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September 1, 2016
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September 14, 2016
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The suitcase for the NYFW, full of outfits and rich in emotions

I take my pink fuchsia suitcase from under the bed and I start picking up an exaggerated amount of clothes from my wardrobe. Getting my suitcase ready has never been an easy task especially when the destination is so rich of fashion taste and colours. These days will be dedicated to fashion and the new 2017 trends, and as you all know, I have to be up dated. A lookmaker must always be ready to anticipate what can be on show on the cat walk. That’s why my look at the New York Fashion Week will be absolutely innovative.


Let’s talk about colours. White, black and fuchsia pink are a must be in my wardrobe, I will coordinate them in many different peculiar trends. I will wear elegant clothes and a metropolitan style to blend in the versatility and extravagance of the big apple.

You can choose the tone of yellow you prefer, from lemon to mustard or from canary chick to curry, the important thing is to show at least a touch of this colour on your outfit. The white shirt will never fall out of fashion, it can be worn maxi or minimal, business woman or casual man, mine is already folded and ready to use, trust my words, it is so surprising how rich such a simple item can become.

As I’m a big fan of time travelling, I will go back to the 80’s and 90’s and bring back to life the biker’s jacket in leather. An item that should never be left out as long as it follows a simple colour code: it must be black.





And again, why only wear female clothes when the male’s wardrobe is so peculiar and interesting?  Wide trousers, suspenders, high collars and male shoes will perfectly contrast the red lipstick and my crazy curly hair.

Comfy shoes and crazy high heels. My shoe mania can’t abandon me on this adventure in which I might not spend a lot of time sitting. So I will wear elegant low heel s during the day time and then climb on my high heels in my long outfits and skirts in the evening.

Outfits from Morfosis, hand bags from Le Comare, tartan, warm seasonal colours, Jackets, light over coats, long dresses, trousers, as you can see, my suitcase won’t serve a unique look but will offer me each day a variety of looks.

Francesca Beyouty
Francesca Beyouty
In tenera età il capello riccio già dominava il mio capo, le perle di mia madre erano già al collo, mettevo di nascosto il rossetto e il fucsia era divenuto già il mio colore preferito...

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