settembre 16, 2016

BeyoutyNYFW – Day #3 the adventure continues and the dream becomes reality

I’m not yet used to the time zone and I sleep very little if anything considering the adrenaline that boosts me every day during the hours of work backstage. I had the pleasure to work […]
settembre 15, 2016

BeyoutyNYFW – Day #2 White, pastel colours and greetings from Times Square

Same time, same place. I’m in Lexington Avenue it’s 4:00 in the afternoon. White veil, luminous bodice, ruffle on long skirts. No, I’m not in my studio in Salerno pampering a bride. It is my […]
settembre 14, 2016

BeyoutyNYFW – Day #1 a mix of colours and style

I have never been lucky with flights and departures but I have always reached my destinations sound and safe. In between the ecstatic metropolitan daily life, and the yellow cabs driving at lightning speed, I […]