BeyoutyNYFW – Day #3 the adventure continues and the dream becomes reality

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September 15, 2016
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July 1, 2018
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BeyoutyNYFW – Day #3 the adventure continues and the dream becomes reality

I’m not yet used to the time zone and I sleep very little if anything considering the adrenaline that boosts me every day during the hours of work backstage. I had the pleasure to work with elegant designers who were so full of life either for the colors they used than for the essence that shone from every item of clothing. Enhancing the already charming models features is truly an honor and to think that my work would then parade on a catwalk at the New York Fashion Week was so exciting and at the same time it gave me the right concentration to do my best. I thought my job was over but I was wrong.


They’ve asked me to take care of the image for the presentation of a line of costumes swim diFlagpole. Fashion and make-up calls and Beyouty answers. Between the New York skyscrapers, in the important streets of Manhattan, stood this huge studio all dressed in lights, mirrors and makeup. I walked over to a small table, which would become my working area for another day. It seemed made just for Beyouty: near the mirror there was a fuchsia pink seedling. Can you notice so much that I like the fuchsia pink? Here they are, the beautiful models coming in, ready to be made up, and more than ready to be photographed. Their task is to bring to life the swimsuits and I must say that we have succeeded.


Item of clothing that have reminded me of the divas from the past, like Sophia Loren, who elegantly and beautifully through her noble way to wear swimsuit from her generation, valorized her small waist and made herself noticed. Moreover, these swimsuits professionally made enhance the shapes of the women with harmony on the hips and breasts. Two-pieces, one-piece, cut-outs and even pre-swim, the collection is unique in its kind.



I’m living a truly unique experience that is giving me more satisfaction than expected. I am feeling more awake than ever and I’m so pleased to work close to wonderful professional figures in this field I belong to. It really seems to live in a movie, the movie that I used to watch with my eyes closed as a little girl. I had pictured all what I ‘m living now and I can’t be happier. Beyouty, between the skyscrapers of Manhattan, is happy with her passion in between her fingers, with her magic stick giving colors and offering beauty.

Francesca Beyouty
Francesca Beyouty
In tenera età il capello riccio già dominava il mio capo, le perle di mia madre erano già al collo, mettevo di nascosto il rossetto e il fucsia era divenuto già il mio colore preferito...

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