BeyoutyNYFW – Day #2 White, pastel colours and greetings from Times Square

BeyoutyNYFW – Day #1 a mix of colours and style
September 14, 2016
BeyoutyNYFW – Day #3 the adventure continues and the dream becomes reality
September 16, 2016
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BeyoutyNYFW – Day #2 White, pastel colours and greetings from Times Square

Same time, same place. I’m in Lexington Avenue it’s 4:00 in the afternoon.

White veil, luminous bodice, ruffle on long skirts. No, I’m not in my studio in Salerno pampering a bride. It is my second working day at the New York Fashion Show and I’m prepping the models wearing the wedding gowns from the Ioana Calin atelier.


Straight on her way from Romania, Ioana has brought on the catwalk some princess like dresses and long wide skirts.
The veil falls delicately and lightly on the shoulders and then leans on the skirt and leaving a trail of beauty along the walkway. White and enchanting, the bride interpreted by Ioana doesn’t stay unnoticed as the light plays a luminous game with the bodices, making them shine at each step. The women can show audacity and can do it in a delicate way even on their wedding day as some of the wedding outfit present a light gap between the skirt and the bodice leaving this way the imagination to wander on the invisible. Black mascara, full eyebrows, light warm beige foundation, and emphasized cheekbones, the brides are ready to charm the public. The wedding world seems to follow me everywhere I go, and I’m always emotional when I have to pin a veil on a woman dressed in white.

After the first parade dedicated to the white for the brides, the second parade introduces a touch of black. Bianca Popp is presenting an outfit collection from black to white without ever uniting those two colours on the same item of clothing. Without outlining the shapes, models wear clothes lightly falling on the body, with ease, the strength point being on the shoulders. Elegant without exaggeration, almost like Greek goddesses moving sinuously on the walkway. At the end of the show, two male models also parade for Bianca Popp introducing a touch of yellow. Why not, even men can dare.


Fluffy fabrics, athletic shapes, modern and comfy. Spoff was inspired by strong male elements of the current street style trend and blended them with pastel colors and high gloss fabrics. When the clothing item is peculiar and alternative, the makeup should definitely be up to it. In this case we had fun enhancing the facial lines and the sympathy of the models who had to play on the catwalk with their fun headpieces.


I love when a designer ventures in putting on the catwalk what he thinks and what was pencil guided on paper. Lines, shapes, ruffles and creations of all kinds making art on a woman’s body. It was a full day of work but I didn’t pull myself back, together with my adventures fellow and life companion Fabio, we visited one of the major intersections in Manhattan New York: Times Square. With this toothy grin and one of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, Fabio and I give you appointment to the next story signed #BeyoutyNYFW.


Francesca Beyouty
Francesca Beyouty
In tenera età il capello riccio già dominava il mio capo, le perle di mia madre erano già al collo, mettevo di nascosto il rossetto e il fucsia era divenuto già il mio colore preferito...

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