BeyoutyNYFW – Day #1 a mix of colours and style

The suitcase for the NYFW, full of outfits and rich in emotions
September 10, 2016
BeyoutyNYFW – Day #2 White, pastel colours and greetings from Times Square
September 15, 2016
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BeyoutyNYFW – Day #1 a mix of colours and style

I have never been lucky with flights and departures but I have always reached my destinations sound and safe. In between the ecstatic metropolitan daily life, and the yellow cabs driving at lightning speed, I finally walked in the lounge of Lexington Avenue where I will spend most of my time during this New York Fashion Week.

The first day is dedicated to Catch Michelle. This designer has bet on the colours to be its main strong point, playing with extravagance and eccentricity without missing the touch of elegance. A rediscovery of our dreams mixed to the essence of the designer’s creations that follows regularity and also imagination but above all the New York dress code style.


After the London touch let’s discover the Romanian shades with Rozalia Bot. At the Lexington Av. venue, you can see on the catwalk creations that are the perfect mix between tradition and modernity, flowers on a natural background that brighten the mind and enchant the eyes thanks to long and elegant dresses, moving to the rhythm of the steps with harmony and delicacy.


Every woman wants to feel like a princess at least once in a life time, and a long colourful dress made of tulle makes it possible to imagine the royal luxurious coach and the red carpet. A lady dressed in Roxet Style fashion surely draws the attention and catch the eye of the observers who will appreciate the delicacy and the elegance that this designer has been able to deliver.


Black pants, white cloth wrapped around the chest and bare feet. Hair pulled back an up in a messy sophisticated way. Body painted to bring colour to the models’ bodies. It is now time to put Betty James jewels on show. Jewels characterised by their aspect ethnic, tribal, glam and sophisticate. The designer in this case has preferred simplicity and white cloth emphasize the worth of the jewels worn on the models’ skin. The models are the canvas to create on and Betty James did create a master piece.


I reunited with my friends, I found once more the heart-warming embrace of Valeria Orlando and the friendly smile of my colleagues. I was able to touch the designer collections who proudly did parade on my very first day as key artist. This first day was full of emotions. New York gives me this feeling, in the craziness of the backstage I find the calm that brings life to my work.


See you tomorrow with colours, shades and #BeyoutyNYFW.

Francesca Beyouty
Francesca Beyouty
In tenera età il capello riccio già dominava il mio capo, le perle di mia madre erano già al collo, mettevo di nascosto il rossetto e il fucsia era divenuto già il mio colore preferito...

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