“Take the beauty where it is and give it to who is next to me. This is why I’m here.” Alessandro D’Avenia



  • Photoproof make-up
  • hairdo
  • Styling

Exclusif advertising project. Total look between soul and lookappropriately studied to follow to goals and the communication needs of the client :

  • Professional photographic services
  • Fashion
  • Composit
  • Advertising campaign
  • Lookbook
  • Videoclip



  • Look consulting
  • Wedding gown and wedding accessories choice
  • Bridal make-up
  • Bridal hairdo
  • Changing look

A vast study to create a bridal Total look project. I will follow you every step of the way from the choice of the wedding dress that will best suit either your dreams, your figure and your personality, I will create for you the perfect make-up and hairdo taking into account your natural skin complexion and your features. And I will be with you on your D-Day to surprise your guests with a change of look.



  • Look consulting
  • Chromatic analyse
  • Body shape and face features analyse
  • Personal make-up hairdo and style training
  • Personal Shopping
  • Personal photo shoot

Our look is what allow us a non verbal communication therefore it is hugely important to cure it. We will work together on the synchrony between who you are and what you look like. By studying the colours that suit you best, your make-up, your hairdo, your clothes, your accessories, you will be able to befriend your image in the mirror and you will discover your unique style. Here are the keys to start to love yourself. As you are.

Come and have a look at my Portfolio, You will find the topics : FashionAdvertising et Wedding